Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 ' Prunus Persica Rosaceae inspired '

Everything start with cupcakes + wedding' cakes,that was her first intention.She set an appointment for us to meetup & we decided to choose Subang Perade, located in subang jaya a few month before her wedding day for further discussion... Everything has settle...she has decided the design n color the theme for her cakes and cupcakes... 

Suhaida Jonit

and then a month before her wedding day we received a call from  her asking about decoration,which she just noticed that actually we doing styling for events as well.At that time she immediately     booked us to design for her room deco.According to her everything for her wedding day has completely done earlier,and the only left is her bedroom.She insists,she want something fresh from us to design for her special day.

'Prunus Persica Rosaceae inspired '

We did a few research on magazines and websites,then we came out with this inspiration.This time we don't have much time to get exact measurement for her bedroom.....

but Alhamdullilah with our minimal experience we manage to completed with all the arrangement in her bedroom.
Praise to Allah SWT.

Once again we have met a very nice couple

Congratulation to,

Suhaida Jonit & 
Salleh Mohd Nor

and last but not least thanks to 
her family especially 

her mom

Allhamdullilah....Praise to Allah.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 days to crack our brain

.....another big challenge arrived

3 days!.....we only have three days to design this new dais... we receive a call from a nice sweet person 
(Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari)...


asking a favor from us to create Dais for her 
younger sister (Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari)...


Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari 
was attracted to our first 
white dot. dais which we created for 
Diane & Ainnur Yaqin engagement dais....

Diane & Ainnur Yaqin Engagement Dais

then once again....

we crack our mind by researching on 
international wedding guide and websites

& this came across

San Luis Obispo "Green Apple"

A perfect vacation place "San Luis Obispo"

we slowly creating an idea with our limitation of time consuming.....

This is what we get within 3days brain cracking,

"Combination of white roses & Apple tree"


Congratulation to
Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari
Md Yasin Mohtar

Special Thanks to 
Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari
& Ben Yusoff

and her family

Thanks to all the kindness.

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary

wanie bee + family'

Syazwanie Dato' Hj Asmawi


A cheerful girl.....friendly....loving & loud.....She want the best for her sister wedding.....she putting a lots of effort by doing research and survey to get the best for her sister special day.....We as one of her decorator proudly crack our mind to give her something different and unexpected design...then we came out with 8' foot tall flower arrangement for her sister bedroom deco.....we're not just only designing the bed.....but the whole room deco.....During the measurement day that we came a week before.....the room was totally empty....there only queen size bed......but on the deco come the challenge,which is the wardrobe & build-in dressing table was build in the room.....we have to moved fast to target the time limit that we already set at every time we're doing deco...which is we only have 1/2hour to complete all the deco....Alhamdullilah everything went well.... even tho' we have to change our actual arrangement we manage to complete within our timing....

The unexpected of our best experience.....we completely done with the 'bed rooms deco'......Again praise to Allah.

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary

A last minute idea came out........

"room sign" English Arabic concept.
(Arabic lantern + English flower arrangement)

Bride & Groom room

Swarovski Cristal
"we do focusing on detailing" 

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary

Special Thanks to Syazwanie Dato' Hj Asmawi
& Family...

Syazwanie & Syafawatie(bride')

Congratulation to
Budin & Tatiey"Syafawatie"

and last but not least.....speacial thanx to  
Datin & Dato'

2dot Bridal Sanctuary

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

white dot.

We has been given a trust on creating new creation of totally white dais......


Thanks to 
Ainnur Yaqin & Diane Redzuan

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary