Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 - be bold!!

dearest everyone,

i know its been a while n a bit late for me to post the prediction on colors for year 2012 but hey, better late thn never rite?? hehehe.

here goes, this year i wud say go for something brave on ur wedding event...such color as chrome r really into us right now, we spray chrome color on our classic chest box n it turns out to be much 'alive' thn b4!! we also change the color of our chandelier-chrome!!
shining red, shocking yellow, electric blue, black etc r some colors tht will pop up into ur set of decos..
try it n im sure ul see the difference....but dnt overuse it k....;)

here r some pic ive took from google that of coz will inspire us, take a look...(thanx to google for the pic)

not too much of it gives a lot of 'drama' into ur deco.....


Sunday, November 27, 2011

a quick, gentle. sincere, true, straight, firm, logic, make sense reminder..

dear bride to de,

-pls consider a make up trial.( it's for ur own satisfaction, even a big name can screw up)
-sincerely, none of the pic taken from ur wedding photographer that involve JUMPING with ur wedding outfit is gonna look good. seriously, this is a BIG no no. ( ask ur OP to focus what is best on u, the candid r sooo recommended)
-jgn jadikan trend suruh bakal bapak mertua sarung cincin kpd bakal menantu lelaki!!!! (biasa berlaku time tunang) OMG .an undisputed no.1 NO!!!
-dont blend ur wedding outfit with the pelamin, if u know what i mean. (trust me u dont wanna look like sumpah-sumpah. request for something that will speak on their own n highlighting u as the bride)
-dare to be different. ( i.e bunga lalang as ur handbouquet, with a mixture of calla lily-that is different n unique!!)
- COLOR ;pastel or bold ( the choice is urs actually, these r the things that u gonna re-talk again someday with ur grand children)
-BAJU SANDING ; simple or heavy ( the choice is urs actually, these r the things that u gonna re-talk again someday with ur grand children)
-pelamin ;perlu atau tidak?? a simple photo place r more than enough to those who dont need a pelamin.
-deco pelamin- discuss  thoroughly with ur decorator to avoid misunderstanding. take note for any info n follow up for any updates.
-showcase mainly the things on hantaran more than the deco hantaran itself.
-budget wise depend solely on u; if a 3canopy with a 200 jemputan is big enough for, so be it....yg penting, u dh diijabkabulkan..if a 5star hotel reception with 4000gst is still a small reception, then again, be it..yg penting, u dh diijabkabulkan...

make ur event a sweet n memorable to u n others, it only happened once, hopefully...

tepuk dada tanya selera..

p/s- kalau ada info terbaru, im gonna update k...till then, u take care n tqvm

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi everyone,

It's been a while now we haven't post anything here. we expecting everybody is in a very good condition, of course with all the loved ones.

Through out our journey in this industry, we have met  lots of beautiful people that not only inspiring us, but also left us a trace of unforgettable memories. we are so thankful n blessed with all the warmth n kindness shown by all of our client towards us, alhamdulillah.

To name a few, how can we forget the collection of tea Kak nor's have, a comfort place you had for us- pn eija, a cute bengal cat yg sgt manja kepunyaan aunty noriah, wednesday solemn by anne,  a very big hall d kuala kangsar kampung syarfa',  morning teh panas dr ibu fazlina ,cik atia yg sgt lembut orgnya n super friendly eit2 etc....those r some memorable moments that define happiness for both of us n hopefully what we did for them are much appreciated.

our favorite negeri- Negeri Sembilan 'provide' us the most client of all!! dayang, cik atia, eit2, fazlina, dhuha, aysha, eyka n hopefully more will come to us no matter which negeri u from...we've been to perak, melaka n soon to johor n travelling r just our middle name, just name where u r, kita akan ada d sana...

Nevertheless, a handful of experience gained from mistakes n faulty only lead us to be more precise in adjusting perfection- we dont mind mistakes, it teaches us a lot!!
people contradicting us on our own creation by copying it n claim its theirs n putting client to blame r some of the highlights of our our ups n downs.

More of the situation given us extra steps to be different, and thats what we gonna be. we wanna set apart from others n thats what we wanna show on your special day .none of this thing would happened if none of you believe in us, a big thank you to all of you. a highest appreciation n gratitude to our ex client n future client. Kami sangat hargainya.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rose Bushnell

"the moment"

Nazrul Ezman & Dayang Norhana

Dayang Norhana & Nazrul Ezman are among our first couple that we meet since 2.Bridal Sanctuary started.They are the first couple that we met requesting us to design for their reception. We meetup at Cititel Hotel Coffee House Mid Valley for our first meeting,on August 2010.Our first month started 2.Bridal Sanctuary.Alhamdullilah, after all the explanation on designing and concept we roughly explain to them.They has decided to booked us for second meeting.Praise to Allah,we are so happy to received our first "Reception" customer.They also booked us for their solemnization dais and "malam berinai".

2.Bridal Sanctuary has started with engagement and solemnization and most of our customer from facebook known us for our "Mini Dais".But this time we had been giving trut to come out with a big scale Dais,we did a lots of research,discussing and sketches. 

  * Rose Bushnell *

our inspiration,rose....roses........rose bushnell.

we meet up for second meeting,this time we are focusing explanation more on design and concept.We had came out sketches for their reception dais,wedding dress (male & female),and makeup concept.Alhamdullilah we proceed for our final meeting on test fitting for wedding dress male & female. 

our inspiration for "reception dais" & "solemnization dais"

.it took' almost 4month preparation.

2.Bridal Sanctuary team heading to Mantin & Senawang,Negeri Sembilan. 

we are welcome by Dayang Norhana family,they very friendly people, happy go lucky & fun family especially her dad and uncle,we feel so welcoming.

They even prepare places for 2.Bridal Sanctuary to stay.Thanks to her dad,Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin,he has prepare comfort place for the whole team to rest.

Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin

Kem Bina Negara,Mantin

the moment that we  been waiting for almost 4 month has arrived,we the whole team were so excited.Every body has been given each own part on the arrangement,all the arrangement has to followed the sketch that we been discussing and finalize.Within 45minute We complete the arrangement  of solemnization dais at her house and.....

solemnization dais & malam berinai dais

then we rush to Hall of Kem Bina Negara Mantin.The arrangement start at 11pm,it almost midnight but with the spirit of the whole team make us feel enjoy and the excitement making us want to complete the reception dais that night.Alhamdullilah at almost 5 o'clock in the morning we completely done with the whole arrangement for that hall.We only left few hours to at least have a nap before that event started.

reception dais

Alhamdullilah everything when well,Praise to Allah.

Lastly we would love to thanks to Dayang Norhana & Nazrul Ezman & 
Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin & the whole family for all the kindness.



Dais arrangement + Wedding Dress + Make-up 

The Reception

"Malam Berinai"


Congratulation to Dayang & Nazrul
& Family.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 ' Prunus Persica Rosaceae inspired '

Everything start with cupcakes + wedding' cakes,that was her first intention.She set an appointment for us to meetup & we decided to choose Subang Perade, located in subang jaya a few month before her wedding day for further discussion... Everything has settle...she has decided the design n color the theme for her cakes and cupcakes... 

Suhaida Jonit

and then a month before her wedding day we received a call from  her asking about decoration,which she just noticed that actually we doing styling for events as well.At that time she immediately     booked us to design for her room deco.According to her everything for her wedding day has completely done earlier,and the only left is her bedroom.She insists,she want something fresh from us to design for her special day.

'Prunus Persica Rosaceae inspired '

We did a few research on magazines and websites,then we came out with this inspiration.This time we don't have much time to get exact measurement for her bedroom.....

but Alhamdullilah with our minimal experience we manage to completed with all the arrangement in her bedroom.
Praise to Allah SWT.

Once again we have met a very nice couple

Congratulation to,

Suhaida Jonit & 
Salleh Mohd Nor

and last but not least thanks to 
her family especially 

her mom

Allhamdullilah....Praise to Allah.

2dot Bridal Sanctuary

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 days to crack our brain

.....another big challenge arrived

3 days!.....we only have three days to design this new dais... we receive a call from a nice sweet person 
(Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari)...


asking a favor from us to create Dais for her 
younger sister (Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari)...


Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari 
was attracted to our first 
white dot. dais which we created for 
Diane & Ainnur Yaqin engagement dais....

Diane & Ainnur Yaqin Engagement Dais

then once again....

we crack our mind by researching on 
international wedding guide and websites

& this came across

San Luis Obispo "Green Apple"

A perfect vacation place "San Luis Obispo"

we slowly creating an idea with our limitation of time consuming.....

This is what we get within 3days brain cracking,

"Combination of white roses & Apple tree"


Congratulation to
Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari
Md Yasin Mohtar

Special Thanks to 
Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari
& Ben Yusoff

and her family

Thanks to all the kindness.

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary