Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 days to crack our brain

.....another big challenge arrived

3 days!.....we only have three days to design this new dais... we receive a call from a nice sweet person 
(Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari)...


asking a favor from us to create Dais for her 
younger sister (Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari)...


Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari 
was attracted to our first 
white dot. dais which we created for 
Diane & Ainnur Yaqin engagement dais....

Diane & Ainnur Yaqin Engagement Dais

then once again....

we crack our mind by researching on 
international wedding guide and websites

& this came across

San Luis Obispo "Green Apple"

A perfect vacation place "San Luis Obispo"

we slowly creating an idea with our limitation of time consuming.....

This is what we get within 3days brain cracking,

"Combination of white roses & Apple tree"


Congratulation to
Syaidatul Nuraiza Zahari
Md Yasin Mohtar

Special Thanks to 
Syaidatul Zariyah Zahari
& Ben Yusoff

and her family

Thanks to all the kindness.

2 dot Bridal Sanctuary


  1. salam karl & syed,

    how much did u charge for mini dais something similar to dianne & ainnur yaqin engagement dais?


  2. hi C O,

    kami akn reply all the details melalui email, jd u blh drop kn email d sini....

    thanx C O

  3. my email add:

    thanks! :)

  4. Good Job karl and Syed!!! 5 STARS!! RECOMMENDED!!

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