Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 - be bold!!

dearest everyone,

i know its been a while n a bit late for me to post the prediction on colors for year 2012 but hey, better late thn never rite?? hehehe.

here goes, this year i wud say go for something brave on ur wedding event...such color as chrome r really into us right now, we spray chrome color on our classic chest box n it turns out to be much 'alive' thn b4!! we also change the color of our chandelier-chrome!!
shining red, shocking yellow, electric blue, black etc r some colors tht will pop up into ur set of decos..
try it n im sure ul see the difference....but dnt overuse it k....;)

here r some pic ive took from google that of coz will inspire us, take a look...(thanx to google for the pic)

not too much of it gives a lot of 'drama' into ur deco.....


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