Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rose Bushnell

"the moment"

Nazrul Ezman & Dayang Norhana

Dayang Norhana & Nazrul Ezman are among our first couple that we meet since 2.Bridal Sanctuary started.They are the first couple that we met requesting us to design for their reception. We meetup at Cititel Hotel Coffee House Mid Valley for our first meeting,on August 2010.Our first month started 2.Bridal Sanctuary.Alhamdullilah, after all the explanation on designing and concept we roughly explain to them.They has decided to booked us for second meeting.Praise to Allah,we are so happy to received our first "Reception" customer.They also booked us for their solemnization dais and "malam berinai".

2.Bridal Sanctuary has started with engagement and solemnization and most of our customer from facebook known us for our "Mini Dais".But this time we had been giving trut to come out with a big scale Dais,we did a lots of research,discussing and sketches. 

  * Rose Bushnell *

our inspiration,rose....roses........rose bushnell.

we meet up for second meeting,this time we are focusing explanation more on design and concept.We had came out sketches for their reception dais,wedding dress (male & female),and makeup concept.Alhamdullilah we proceed for our final meeting on test fitting for wedding dress male & female. 

our inspiration for "reception dais" & "solemnization dais"

.it took' almost 4month preparation.

2.Bridal Sanctuary team heading to Mantin & Senawang,Negeri Sembilan. 

we are welcome by Dayang Norhana family,they very friendly people, happy go lucky & fun family especially her dad and uncle,we feel so welcoming.

They even prepare places for 2.Bridal Sanctuary to stay.Thanks to her dad,Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin,he has prepare comfort place for the whole team to rest.

Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin

Kem Bina Negara,Mantin

the moment that we  been waiting for almost 4 month has arrived,we the whole team were so excited.Every body has been given each own part on the arrangement,all the arrangement has to followed the sketch that we been discussing and finalize.Within 45minute We complete the arrangement  of solemnization dais at her house and.....

solemnization dais & malam berinai dais

then we rush to Hall of Kem Bina Negara Mantin.The arrangement start at 11pm,it almost midnight but with the spirit of the whole team make us feel enjoy and the excitement making us want to complete the reception dais that night.Alhamdullilah at almost 5 o'clock in the morning we completely done with the whole arrangement for that hall.We only left few hours to at least have a nap before that event started.

reception dais

Alhamdullilah everything when well,Praise to Allah.

Lastly we would love to thanks to Dayang Norhana & Nazrul Ezman & 
Uncle Mohd Noor Tajuddin & the whole family for all the kindness.



Dais arrangement + Wedding Dress + Make-up 

The Reception

"Malam Berinai"


Congratulation to Dayang & Nazrul
& Family.

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