Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi everyone,

It's been a while now we haven't post anything here. we expecting everybody is in a very good condition, of course with all the loved ones.

Through out our journey in this industry, we have met  lots of beautiful people that not only inspiring us, but also left us a trace of unforgettable memories. we are so thankful n blessed with all the warmth n kindness shown by all of our client towards us, alhamdulillah.

To name a few, how can we forget the collection of tea Kak nor's have, a comfort place you had for us- pn eija, a cute bengal cat yg sgt manja kepunyaan aunty noriah, wednesday solemn by anne,  a very big hall d kuala kangsar kampung syarfa',  morning teh panas dr ibu fazlina ,cik atia yg sgt lembut orgnya n super friendly eit2 etc....those r some memorable moments that define happiness for both of us n hopefully what we did for them are much appreciated.

our favorite negeri- Negeri Sembilan 'provide' us the most client of all!! dayang, cik atia, eit2, fazlina, dhuha, aysha, eyka n hopefully more will come to us no matter which negeri u from...we've been to perak, melaka n soon to johor n travelling r just our middle name, just name where u r, kita akan ada d sana...

Nevertheless, a handful of experience gained from mistakes n faulty only lead us to be more precise in adjusting perfection- we dont mind mistakes, it teaches us a lot!!
people contradicting us on our own creation by copying it n claim its theirs n putting client to blame r some of the highlights of our our ups n downs.

More of the situation given us extra steps to be different, and thats what we gonna be. we wanna set apart from others n thats what we wanna show on your special day .none of this thing would happened if none of you believe in us, a big thank you to all of you. a highest appreciation n gratitude to our ex client n future client. Kami sangat hargainya.


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